Our Story

My Hummus Story

Strangely enough, it all began in Tennessee in the spring of 2013.

As a hummus lover who was dissatisfied with the hummus brands available in various local stores, I began to search for “the perfect hummus”, experimenting in my own kitchen, sourcing the finest organic ingredients in the quest to perfect my proprietary secret recipe.

As we shared our hummus (aka “Hughmus”) with many friends both in Tennessee and then during our years in Jerusalem, Israel, (the Land of Hummus) everyone who tried a “shmear”-including Israeli Jews and Arabs as well as those who said that they don’t even generally like hummus but enjoyed this) declared:

“This is seriously the best hummus I’ve ever had!, You should sell it!”


And so, we present to you our Hughmus Hummus.
Delicious, Healthy. “World’s Best”.

It is our sincere hope that you truly enjoy and share this all-natural, high protein, GF/vegan treat.